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Henderson-Hopkins School

Education Baltimore, MD

General Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Project Cost: $2,500,000 to $5,000,000 (Building) / Up to $500,000 (Street Lighting)

Henderson-Hopkins School is a  140,000 square foot K-8th grade school and early childhood care center. The building is mainly constructed of precast concrete panels forming “pods” that are interconnected with polycarbonate and steel common areas. The project also includes a 300-seat auditorium, several kitchens, six serveries, a family resource center, a library and a gymnasium. The design called for the precast concrete to be exposed on the exterior as well as the interior with exposed conduit kept to a minimum. In order to achieve this goal miles of PVC conduit were installed under the slab including the entire feeder network. The lighting control system is centralized and capable of controlling each individual light fixture.  Hirsch Utility installed the walkway post, parking lot and street lighting as well as the utility ductbanks.