Commitment to Community

In accordance with our Mission Statement, our company and its employees are proud of the various ways we all contribute time and financial resources back to our community and charities.  Just like constructing a project is a team effort, we take the same team approach with our charitable endeavors.  It is part of the culture here at Hirsch Electric.

In addition Hirsch Electric is an industry leader in hiring individuals who are in need of a “second chance” in life.  An example of that is how we work with organizations like Jump Start as you can see from their quote below:

“Hirsch Electric has been one of our lead employers.  They were the first to hire one of our graduates.  Their commitment to Project JumpStart has been consistent and long standing.  Their support of us and the placed graduate has positively impacted numerous lives.  I hate to think where we would be without this critical support.”
-Kate McShane, JumpStart